The general elections of 2019 seem to be a battle ground for a large number of political consulting firms. Given the growing popularity of social media as a viable platform for increasing voter influence, the political consulting firms have witnessed a massive increase in their numbers. From Facebook pages to twitter trends, the political mascots have assumed the role of election campaign managers. From writing speeches, conducting voter survey to handling social media platforms, the political consulting firms have become the future players, shaping the course of Indian elections.

The scope of such political consulting firms has extended to rural areas, given the complexities of the regional variations and voter behavior in such areas. Devising campaign strategies in accordance with the demographics of the village or constituency, the political experts have come to wield an indispensible role in the political lives of the political candidates.

The course of 2019 elections in India depends on the strategies provided by the political consultants who have come to replace the conventional political experts in terms of their methodology, hold over other domains of campaign strategies and mode of interacting with the voters. This has eased to a certain extent the amount of effort that earlier went into understanding voter behavior and planning strategies accordingly by the political candidate.

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